6 common problems with paint, do you know how they are formed?

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Paint is often used in home decoration to protect and decorate walls. But if the paint brush is not good, there will be many problems in the later period, which will affect the overall effect of the home. How do these problems arise? How to solve it?
Peeling paint
Cause: The base layer is not well treated. When painting, the wall is wet, too smooth or not clean, and it is painted directly without drying or polishing.
Solution: When painting, remove the water and dirt on the wall, and then putty after polishing. If you use primer, be sure to wait for the primer to dry and polish before applying topcoat to increase adhesion; I didn't pay attention to it, there was a phenomenon of blistering and flaking. If it is a small area, you can polish this part with fine sandpaper, putty, and then paint it. If it is a large area, you must scrape the entire area and re-standardize the brush. paint.
Painted sunken
Causes: When painting, do not wait for the previous layer of paint to dry before brushing the next layer of paint; the paint is not evenly coated; the wet paint film is not controlled for a long time.
Solution: Standardize the operation when painting, do not worry, make sure that the paint is applied evenly; if there are pits, polish the pits and repaint.
Whitening coating
Causes: There is residual moisture in the coating film, and the coating film becomes white after a long time. The solvent-based paint will evaporate and absorb heat when drying, the surrounding temperature will decrease, and the water vapor will be liquefied by cold and adsorbed on the surface of the paint to form a white thin layer.
Solution: Avoid mixing water in the entire process of painting, add an appropriate amount of white water, choose the right paint variety, and choose different paint formulas in different seasons. When the paint is white, it should stop working immediately, find out the reason, remedy, if it is difficult to repair, scrape and redo.
Rough painted surface
Causes: There is dust and grit mixed into the paint. The dust and grit may come from the air, or from oil brushes or other tools; when mixing paint, use it if there are bubbles in the paint.
Solution: Keep the air in the construction room clean and dust-free. Before starting work, clean the ground and walls, especially the walls. They must be flat and clean; dry tools such as painted oil brushes should also be cleaned and reused; paint preparation should be uniform Without bubbles.
Painted surface with brush marks
Cause: The viscosity of the paint is too high, the thinner evaporates faster; the hair of the oil brush is too hard or uneven, and the oil brush is too small.
Solution: It is still the problem of blending. The viscosity of the paint is well controlled, and the appropriate thinner is selected; the oil brush is kept well, and the oil brush of the appropriate size is used. When there are brush marks, smooth it with fine sandpaper, clean it and brush again.
Mouldy discoloration of paint surface
Cause: There is dirt on the surface of the paint and it will be damp for a long time.
Solution: Choose paint with strong anti-mold ability, and clean the wall frequently to keep the wall dry; when mold is found, clean it with special mildew-removing water. If it has changed color, repaint it.

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